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PostSubject: 2 down...   2 down... EmptySat Jul 31, 2010 1:23 am

8 to go.

MM2 was easier than MM1. Mostly because of no MOTHERFUCKING Yellow Devil. And now that I know how to beat Wily's first form in MM1, the game is only hard because of the mentioned monster from hell.
I only died a bunch on a few of the hard platforming bits in Heatman's level, and a bit in Airman's level, otherwise most of the stages were pretty easy.
The bosses seemed easier this time around too. More one hit wonders as well, like Metal Man's Weapon > Metal Man and Fully charged Heat Man's Weapon > Wood Man.
And Wily only had one form, and his attacks were pretty easy to dodge, and less than 10 hits iirc are needed to beat him.

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